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Sorting Application (Students Only)

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Sorting Application (Students Only)

Post by Tabitha Mercer on Sun May 03, 2015 4:37 pm

Please copy and past the code below in to a reply. Please give a reason for each answer.

[color=#990099]1. You value friends who are willing:[/color]

A. To die with you
B. To die for you
C. To kill for you.
D. To find a way to save you both


[color=#990099]2. You stumble upon an old trunk, inside are five items, which do you choose?[/color]

A. The old book
B. A shiny dagger
C. The diamond necklace
D. A map
E. An old family album


[color=#990099]3. You are lost in a forest with only one candle, one match, a compass, three yards of rope, and a canteen of water. What do you do?[/color]

A. Stay where you are and hope someone finds you
B. Find the nearest body of water and follow it
C. Set a trap using the rope, and make camp for the night.
D. Build a smoke signal and wait.
E. Both C and D
F. B for a ways, then C and D


[color=#990099]4. The one thing you never want to be seen as[/color]

A. Weak
B. Useless
C. Dishonest
D. Cowardly
E. Unintelligent


[color=#990099]5. A young child approaches you with a toy phone and hands it to you, you:[/color]

A. Answer it, of course!
B. Do nothing and walk away
C. Smile at the child but otherwise ignore them
D. Sit down, and start up a lengthy conversation over the "phone"


[color=#990099]6. You witness an injustice happening in an alley. What do you do?[/color]

A. Run/Call for help
B. Continue on your way
C. Intervene
D. Beat the attacker yourself


[color=#990099]7. You find someone's billfold on the sidewalk, what do you do?[/color]

A. Keep it, they were fool enough to drop it.
B. Find out who the owner is and return it yourself
C. Give it to the authorities to handle
D. Take a bit of the money, but give it back eventually


8. If you have a house you absolutely do not want to be in, please put it here.
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